Singer Song Writers record in our Winnipeg studios in 2 basic ways

  1. We set them up with a couple of vocal mics and a couple for their guitar. If they play piano we do the same thing but run a stereo line from the keyboard. If they want to play an acoustic piano we put a few mics on the piano and a room mic. Once set up we hit record and they will sing and play all their songs. Later we divide up the tracks, add any overdubs, mix, add effects, master and burn to disc.
  2. Sometimes our singer song writers want to have a full band sound without having to go to the trouble of finding all the players and then rehearse them. In this case we get the singer song writer to sing and play their songs individually and with a click or basic drum beat. We collaborate and create lead sheet charts to use guides for the overdubs. Because I play so many instruments we can add any kind or number or guitars, bass, drums both real and sequenced. To that we can also have banjo, mandolin and melodica. Because it is in house it wonít cost extra except the recording time. If you want something I donít play then you will need to pay that musician separately from the recording time. Each track is then mixed, mastered etc.

If this is your first foray into recording we make it as laid back and relaxing as possible


Key Board Recording Artistry

River Heights Recording Studio
2025 Corydon Ave. Unit 202
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada