Digital Conversions

Convert Tapes and Records to Cds

Covert Video and Audio to Digital Files Right Here in Winnipeg!

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To Turn Your:

  • VHS tapes
  • Records
  • Cassettes
  • Mini DVs

Into Digital Media like DVD’s CD’s and editable Files

We can convert your old media into new

Do you have a stack of records and tapes that have great music on them but no way of listening to them?

Do you have fond family memories trapped on VHS or Mini DV videos tapes you can no longer watch?

Well we have the solution for you!

All orders are paid in advance

Audio Transfers to File (Records and Tapes) $25
Video Transfers to File (VHS and MiniDV) $30
Converted to Disc (Extra) $5
Extra Conversions $5
L.P.s or Tapes divided into separate tracks (songs) $10
Failed Transfers $5

Do You Have media not listed?

If you have media not listed here but you still want to convert we can still help you. All you need is a device that plays those items and we can convert them.

16 or 78 rpm records you just need a record player that plays those discs.

8 track tapes need an 8 track tape player. Reel to Reel tapes need a 2 track reel to reel player. You get the idea

Legal and Moral Stuff

We can convert any media you have the rights to. Family videos and audio are exempt from any copyright laws.

If you have commercially released music or video it must be the actual LP or Cassette and not a copy.

Audio tapes or record sets with more than 75 minutes of conversion will be treated as 2 (or more) conversions

If you are thinking about converting your lps please search to see if there is a CD release first. It will tend to cost you less.

If there is no release available then it is worth your while to have your record or tapes converted

As well many videos that are commercial may have protection code that cannot be worked around.

To drop off your media the hours are:

September – June

Monday – Thursday 3-8

Friday 3-7

Saturday 10-4

July and August

Tues, Wed, and Thurs 4-7


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