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A Singer who wants to make a voice over Karaoke style recording is a pretty straight forward affair.

You bring in the Karaoke track(s) you want to sing over. We copy them off your disc and load them as a stereo track. We set you up with headphones and a couple of mics. We get you comfortable with hearing the music and yourself and then we hit record.
If you don’t do it right, no worries, we just do it again till you are happy.

Perhaps you like to sing along with your favorite CDs in the car and would like to record yourself

We can make karaoke style track of your favorite song.

We can even record you singing along with the original artist and then remove the original vocals leaving just yours. How cool is that??

If this is your first time recording yourself let us assure you we will make it as calm, laid back and relaxing as possible for you.

We do not make Karaoke tracks per say. We can make voiceless backing tracks but the whole karaoke with bouncing ball and lyrics is a whole other deal.

To record with us you’d need to be able to read a lyric sheet and sing along with the track



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