Mindfulness Meditation Recording

Wave Form From a Mindfulness Recording Session

One of the more interesting recording sessions I have done in a while, was one on Mindfulness Mediation. I needed a quiet environment and a selection of gates to get the focused effect of concentrating on the voice of the narrator. So I took the client to the studio location that doubles as my music school.

I used a large diaphragm condenser microphone and put him in studio 5 while I monitored in studio 4.

The recording client was doing mediation recordings for use with medical patients dealing with chronic pain. Having listen to the recording multiple times, I can tell you these were pretty universal ways to relax.

After a bit of work with editing, gates and rendering, I created a master disc to make into CD’s as well as high and low resolution MP3 files for emailing and use on iPhones and other devices.

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