New Rap/ Hip Hop Recording Session

One of the great things about our facility is that it caters to all artists. Whether your first time or 100th time, we can help.

With a new person such as we had in the studio this June, he had never recorded before. This presents us with a few challenges. One is they are never prepared. Sure they had a backing track but it was a file on an iPhone. As an iPhone owner, I know they do not play well with others and it would be easier to rob a bank than getting a sound file off of them.

We found one he thought acceptable. We hit record with him in the booth and me in my office. As it was a lo key process, I was able to use my Surface along with my Yamaha CLi interface. I did bring a top notch large diaphragm condenser mic and recorded at a high bit rate.

River Heights Recording Studio
2025 Corydon Ave. Unit 202
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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