Harp Recording and Recording Lesson

Winnipeg CD Recording

On this Friday evening I had the pleasure of doing something a little different. A lady who plays a ‘Celtic’ harp, came down to learn about using her multi-track equipment.

There Celtic Harp is very similar to a chromatic harp except:

  1. It is smaller
  2. You can only play in one key at a time.
  3. You can only play in a few keys.

With a traditional harp, you can change keys and play accidentals, while playing, by using a set of foot pedals. With the Celtic Harp you need to decide what #’s or b’s you want. Changing on the fly is very difficult and you need time.

We covered the topics of tracks, adding tracks, click and time tracks, mixing, editing, rendering and mastering.

You too can come down with your voice and/or instrument and learn how to use your recording equipment from scratch or learn to utilize it better!

River Heights Recording Studio
2025 Corydon Ave. Unit 202
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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