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Winnipeg Recording Studio

When you dreamed of recording you might have envisioned large, costly sound recording studios and physical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.). But those are in rapid decline. So many studios are closing. Even with diminishing clientele, big studios are still charging huge amounts for even the most basic of services. You end up paying for things you don’t need or actually use.

Long before all of today’s current technology, the greatest piece of gear was on the sides of our heads. Today, as it was then, our ears are the greatest asset we have in recording. It is not the ISO booth or tube emulators or pitch correction. It is the musicians’ ability to sing and play and it is merely our job as ‘recordists’, to capture that a truthfully as possible. The democratization of recording and distribution has given music artists vital control over their creations. Independent music is the future of our industry.

We have put our philosophy to the test in our Winnipeg recording studio since the year 2000. Our experience will provide you with the production, recording, mixing and mastering services that you need to create a great recording at any stage in your musical career.

We don’t have the leather couch and you probably don’t have much of a budget.

We have a low hourly rate and, more importantly, have a low minimum hour.