Mission Statement

Local Recording Services Winnipeg

“Our Mission at River Heights Recording Studio is to provide the Winnipeg music community with a 3rd recording option.”

As long as I have been playing music I have been recording it. What started out as a self imposed report card & grading system, turned into another creative outlet.
Two cassette decks bouncing tracks through a basic Radio Shack mixer led to a 4 track deck , then an ΒΌ inch reel to reel to a DAW standalone unit (which I hated) to where we are now…full on 64 bit DAW recording.

One advantage of those important steps (that you just cannot get in an academic environment) is the trial and error way to find out what does and does not work.

Also learned this way are many aspects of signal path routing that the virtual work station doesn’t show.


The 1st option is of course to spend A LOT of money in a top line recording facility. The recording industry is in distress but that doesn’t stop there being high competition. Ironically the high competition and dwindling customer base doesn’t seem to create lower prices.

In Winnipeg the going rate is $100+ per hour. This is a great option if you have tonnes of money, a recording contract or government grants. Not a great option if you are paying out of your pocket.


The 2nd option has always been there (it is how we got into it) and that is the DIY recording option.

With some computers coming equipped with free recording software or software manufacturers offering ‘light’ versions of their product, the home recording option seems an attractive route. Maybe you have tried that already.

The low priced or free programs are just the tip of the iceberg. You need a proper sound card for hard drive recording. If you are going to record voice or acoustic instruments you’ll need microphones. If you are going to record drums you’ll need a lot of microphones.

As well you can’t just use any old mics you need ones designed for specific applications. And stands, and cables and a mixer…….

Then there is actually recording, signal routing, passive and active mics, DIs, mixing, mastering, effects, etc.


So here we are the 3rd option in between.

We are not a bells and whistles (vintage amps, instruments, Iso-booths, leather couch) recording facility.
We do have separate rooms for isolation at our secondary location and we do use top notch gear but our main location is a single room.

We offer:

  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • In House musician (ME!!)
  • Good solid equipment
  • Years of real world experience
  • Affordable rates
  • Low minimum hours for sessions
  • Multiple Payment options


River Heights Recording Studio
2025 Corydon Ave. Unit 202
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada