Songs Verses Lyrics

Over the years we get inquiries that go something like this
Them: “I have written a song and I want to record it.”
Us: “Do you have a band, do you play an instrument”
Them: “No, I need you to do all that”
Us: “OK, great do you have sheet music or chord charts for your songs”
Them: “No I am not sure what those are, that’s why I need you. I know what it is supposed to sound like but it is all in my head.
That’s what I need you to do for me.” Or “I just need you to do the background music”

Sorry what you have there is a poem not a song.

The problem is, that in this lyric centric world, people think that the words are the song.
Rap and Hip Hop is all lyrics, American Idol and other similar shows have the singer up front and the band hidden.
Most popular songs on the radio today have no instrumental intro, just straight to the singing.

Music requires 3 elements

So what has happened (and we get a call a week like this) is someone has written lyrics (aka poetry) and what they have asked for is not recording but for us to write a song for them.

We have known a few unscrupulous studios that claim they have a song writing service but just churn out a generic backing track and let you sort it out.

Things to consider in song writing
Major or Minor Key
Basic rhythm

The best you can hope for is to turn your lyrics over to someone who can write the music.
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