Rock Bands

Drums and Guitars

Winnipeg Rock Band Recording Studio

Typically bands come to us and record one of a few ways:

  • Is to record live off the floor, everyone and their amps in the same room singer sings through the room P.A. There is room for over dubs but, because of mic bleed, punch ins are not an option. Other than that we do nothing more to recording wise having captured it warts and all. Then we slice n’ dice, mix n’ master. Burn to a disc.
  • The band plays live off the floor but with no vocals. Then all vocals and any other over dubs are layered. Followed by the mixing, snipping, mastering, etc.
  • Another option is for just the bass player (possibly a keyboard player) and drummer come in and lay down their tracks the bass player plays through a DI and both listen through headphones. This allows for great track separation. Then we can layer on guitars, other instruments and all the vocals.
    If push comes to shove we can isolate the guitar amps and do a live off the floor headphone type of session


River Heights Recording Studio
2025 Corydon Ave. Unit 202
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada